Virginia Tech Parking & Transportation Master Plan

Plan Elements

This project will result in several reports documenting the different phases of the analysis. Each report and its elements are listed below. Completed reports are available on the Documents webpage.

Traffic Service Plan

This plan characterizes the facilities and their utilization by vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles by location. This includes analyzing traffic conditions and circulation and roadway and pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic control deficiencies and problems.

Parking Conditions Report

This report summarizes an inventory of existing parking facilities and evaluate the demand by user groups, zones, and departmentally owned vehicles. Policies and utilization of parking resources on campus will also be evaluated and summarized.

Options Development and Screening Report

This report includes potential recommendations for roadway, non-motorized, and parking issues and needs identified in the previous reports.

Comprehensive Future Traffic and Parking Plan

This final report is a 10 year, phased plan for vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. The plan includes:

  • Roadway improvement recommendations
  • Intersection traffic controls recommendations
  • Enhancements of existing bikeway and pedestrian systems
  • Estimated costs
  • Recommended modifications to the parking system